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Year 4

Narwhal Personality Type Explained. Characteristics of the Narwhal: Career,  Strengths and Weaknesses
Welcome to the Year 4 page

Miss Kee - Panda Class

Miss Giles - Hippo Class

Mrs Duffey - Narwhal Class

Useful Information

Homework - Homework will be given out on a Friday and due in the following Thursday.  Homework in Year 4 will be Spellings and Times tables. Times table will need to be completed on TTRS for 20 minutes per week.

Multiplication tables check - Year 4 will have a multiplication tables check in June. This will test them on their recall of multiplication facts up to 12 x 12. They will have 25 questions and will have 6 seconds to answer each one on a laptop.

Reading - Please record reading at home in reading records.  Reading records will be checked daily. Their achievements are shown on their class reading tree. Every child has an apple on the tree which moves around as their days reading at home increase. It becomes very competitive to be the first one to reach the 'Golden Apple'!

PE - We have 2 PE lessons per week - 1 outdoor and 1 indoor.  Please ensure suitable PE kit is in school (including a change of footwear) Monday to Friday. 


Autumn Term 1

In autumn 1, our theme was Take One World.  We learnt about our class animals, which are all endangered species, and considered how we could help to protect them. We also looked at a variety of maps and began to navigate using grid references and OS symbols. 

Autumn Term 2

In autumn 2, our theme was Take One Scientist. We focussed on Christian Doppler who discovered the Doppler effect. This linked nicely to our science topic about sound. Furthermore, we began to look at the Ancient Greeks, including the mythical creatures, gods, the Olympics, and understand their use of democracy.

Spring Term 1 

In spring 1, our theme was Take One Artist. We will look at a painting called 'The basket of apples' by Paul Cezanne. In Art, we studied real life drawings and created our own artistic sketches. This term, we had an exciting term studying rivers for our Geography topic.  We learnt how rivers work, including the features such as ox bow lakes and meanders.  In Science, we studied electricity.  We had the opportunity to use safe electrical equipment to make simple circuits using wires, batteries, bulbs and buzzers. 

Spring Term 2

In spring 2, our theme is Take One Poem. We will be reading, interpreting, learning and performing a classical poem to the rest of the school. This term we will begin to learn about the Romans, exploring how the Roman Empire grew. This term, we will be covering the topic ‘States of Matter’.  We will be investigating the water cycle in depth and the changing state of materials.  The children will continue to develop their understanding of how to plan a fair investigation. We will also use our new knowledge from last term about electrical circuits to create our own buzzer game.


Useful Websites

Here are some useful links that you can look at.  The links to videos / activities are listed below: 


Reading Eggs - Reading Eggs | Where Children Learn to Read Online