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Our Vision and Qualities

Everything we do is rooted in these core qualities

Creativity, Compassion, Curiosity, Perseverance and Respect


We have a clear vision for what we want Clarendon Junior School to be:

A safe, positive and creative learning environment, where respect for all is encouraged and nurtured.

A place where learners grow, not just academically but socially, emotionally, creatively, morally, physically and culturally.

Achievement of Pupils Quality of Teaching

For children and staff to aim high and strive for excellence through enjoyment. 

For children to develop lively enquiring minds and become effective, imaginative learners.

To have good rates of progress for all the children and the highest possible standards of attainment for each child, within a broad and balanced curriculum.

For children to have an understanding of themselves as learners, becoming involved in the target setting process and understanding their targets.

To attain standards which are equal to or beyond those achieved nationally. 

To have children and staff who use ICT effectively to support their learning.

To have staff who value opportunities to enhance their own attainment and achievement in order to provide high quality teaching for all our children. 

Opportunities in place to share and learn from others. 

High quality up-to-date resources for learning including IT equipment.

Teaching spaces which are suitable for their purpose.

Behaviour and Safety of Pupils Quality of Leadership and Management

Children have a high level of respect for themselves, for each other, the staff and their environment.

Staff and children believe in their own abilities and value the achievements and abilities of others.

Children have the skills to deal with bullying, confrontational and abusive behaviour effectively.

Children have confidence in voicing their opinions appropriately.

Children take responsibility for their own actions and learning.

Staff and children have a sense of responsibility for the well-being of the school community.

Good opportunities for children to work with other schools and the wider community.

A culture where parents and carers contribute to the life of the school.

A culture where parents and carers are involved in their children’s learning.

A safe, attractive and well maintained school building.

A stimulating, exciting and safe outdoor environment in which children can learn and play together.

Outside agencies used effectively in order to support children and staff.

All staff provide good role models for behaviour.

Staff are knowledgeable and vigilant in relation to child protection matters and procedures.

Supportive induction procedures in place for staff and children.

Meet the needs of all our children and promote inclusivity.

Ownership of the vision of the school by all stakeholders.

Academic, personal and social expectations are high.

Effective staff development is an integral part of the work of the school.

An ethos where self-evaluation and change are characterised by openness and consultation as a regular part of the school’s working life in which everyone is encouraged to participate.

Opportunities in place to utilise other experts/ professionals, to support the leadership of the school.

Effective processes in place to set and evaluate both academic and personal targets.

Equality of opportunity is supported by the whole school community in respect of gender, race, cultural diversity and special needs.

All members of the school community feel valued and safe.

The principles of ‘best value’ in place, which ensures that the school uses its resources effectively.

The Governing Body is actively involved in the life of the school, and possesses the requisite information to carry out their duties effectively.