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Foundation Subjects

In order to 'learn', we gather and organise knowledge in our long term memories using schemas.  The more relational links we make, the stronger the connections and the more likely we are to retrieve information. 

Our planned curriculum is separated into six themes that drive the work for each term.  They are: Take One World, Take One Book, Take One Picture, Take One Scientist, Take One Artefact and Take One Culture.  Each theme is led by a 'driver' subject which may be Science, History or Geography with other subject topics carefully selected to enhance, support or provide context for further learning in order to strengthen schemas.  Other subjects may be taught discretely.

Our curriculum design is knowledge-rich and tailored to suit the interests, experiences and needs of our learners.  Subjects are taught discretely and links between subjects are fostered to maximise learning opportunities and enable learners to be motivated, engaged and excited by learning and the opportunity to make stronger connections with the world around them.

Meaningful curricular links are made with the local community and emphasis is given to children engaging with current affairs.  This enables our children to question and have an awareness of the world around them.