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Book Fair

Thank you for all your support with the book fair. It was lovely to see so many of you enjoying looking at the wonderful books. Thanks to your support, we have been able to obtain a good number of books for our library so that everyone can enjoy them. Thank you!

The Travelling Book Fair will be at Clarendon Junior School from Tuesday 7th March until Monday 13th March. The books will be in the school hall from 3.10 until 3,30 every afternoon after school and adults are welcome to come and visit the Book Fait with their children. The children will be given the chance to look at the books and buy them during the day with their class; however, all children must be accompanied by an adult after school. 

There are a large range of exciting books to attract all ages!

The school will earn commission on all books bought which then enables us to buy more books for our own library. 

The Travelling book Fair will accept World Book Day vouchers against the cost of a book (£4.99 upwards) but  cannot be used to buy a book for £1. The World Book Day vouchers can only be used to get a book for £1 if the book is a book that has been published for World Book Day. These books will not be available at the Book Fair.