ZOOM Meeting Schedule

Clarendon Junior School Zoom Meetings – Week Beginning 1 March

We have the following zoom meetings scheduled for this week. 

Meeting links are posted on the class page on eSchools, which only the children can access.


Tuesday 2 March

9.30                 Year 5 Tigers

11.00               Year 4 Sea Turtles

11.00               Year 5 Orangutans

11.30               Year 6 Asian Elephants

2.00                 Year 3 Polar Bears

Wednesday 3 March

10.00               Year 5 Penguins

11.30               Year 6 Orcas

1.30                 Year 3 Sharks

2.00                 Year 6 Jaguars

Thursday 4 March

10.00               Year 3 Hedgehogs

11.00               Year 4 Hippos

11.30               Year 4 Panda


Please may we remind you that children must be dressed, not in pyjamas!

Children need to have their camera on but their microphone muted.

Also there is no recording or screenshots allowed.  There will be 2 members of staff in every meeting.

The children may be asked to show something/prepare something for the meeting – please check on the class page on eschools.