Meet the Staff

Teaching Staff
Mrs K Ward  Headteacher  DSL,Teaching & Learning, Assessment
Miss S Cornish Head of School DDSL, EVC, Assessment
Mrs D Green Year 6/5 Upper Phase Leader, Literacy
Mrs S Wardle Year 6  Maths
Mrs R Westall Year 6  History
Mrs M Knowles Year 6  
Mr S Rakshit Year 6  
Mr P Dickie Year 5  P.E.
Miss G Strong Year 5  Music
Miss A Bradley Year 5 Science
Miss C Hayday Year 3/4  Lower Phase & Foundation Subject Leader 
Miss K Giles Year 4 RE/PSHE
Miss J Kee Year 4 Geography
Mrs H Kelvey-Brown Year 4  MFL
Mrs J Newland PPA Cover  
Mrs K Longbourne Year 3 Computing
Mrs L Ashford-Smith Year 3  D&T/Art
Mrs K Marks SENCo Inclusion
Mrs C Henretty PPA Cover G&T
Mrs A Gilbert SLT School Led Tutoring
Support Staff
Mrs B Ritchie    Admin. Officer 
Mrs L Beer   Finance Officer 
Mr C Ward   Site Manager/Outdoor Learning Lead
Mrs V Allen    Pastoral Support Lead/ Cleaner/Br. Club
Mrs J Brown  Y4,C5  TA/SMDSA 
Mrs L Carpenter Y6,C10 TA/MDSA
Mrs K Cross Y4,C4 TA/MDSA/Cleaner/Br. Club
Mrs A Grantham  Y3,C3 TA/Librarian/Transition/Cleaner
Miss S Mitchell   Y3. C2 NPA 
Miss S May Y6, C11 TA/MDSA
Miss L Newman Y5, C8 NPA/MDSA
Mrs K Standidge Y5,C9 TA/MDSA/Cleaner/Br. Club
Mrs A Swinscoe Y5,C7 TA/MDSA
Mrs R Thomson Y4, C6 TA/MDSA
Mrs K Tyrkot   Service Pupil Champion
Mrs L Walker Y3,C1 NPA/MDSA
Miss D Wilson Y5,C7 TA/MDSA
Mrs C Gunning Y3, C2 TA/MDSA
Miss K McIntosh Y3, C1 TA/MDSA
Mrs E O'Dwyer Y4 NPA
Mrs H McCourt Y6 NPA/MDSA
Mrs M Ballington Y3 NPA
Mrs A Webster   Cleaner
Mrs N Wolf Y6, C12 TA
Mrs H Wilson  Y5, C8 TA