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Year 6 Victorian Day 1st December 2022

Handwriting and Sketching

On the 1st December 2022, Year 6 spent the day as Victorian children. Throughout the day, they experienced how different school was for children then - if they were lucky enough to have gone to school at all! 

They all dressed up, joined in with the experience beautifully and learnt a lot about what life was like for a Victorian school child.

They soon realised that things were are a lot less strict today!

It was fantastic to see the children immersed in History. 

Here are some quotes about the children's experiences:

"Victorian day was fun but scary at times!"

" Sewing was great - I learnt a lot."

"The boys were educated more that the girls - I was not impressed by this!"

" It was fun. I got to wear the dunces cap."