Governor greetings

  • Mrs Jan Palmer

    Chair of Governors

    I’m Jan and I’m the Chair of Governors for Clarendon Junior School Governing Body. I have been on a school Governing body since 2012 being Vice Chair at Le Cateau in Catterick before joining Clarendon Junior School GB in 2015 as a parent Governor. Since 2015 I have been Vice Chair and then in 2016 I took the role of Chair. We meet regularly to discuss where the school is going, celebrating our successes and constantly striving to improve where we can. I became a Governor because, as a Mum of 2 children in the school, I wanted to be involved in the decision making that impacted on my children and their education.
    It is a voluntary role and, whilst it is quite involved, that is because I want to be involved. Mrs Ward and I work closely together with the Full Governing Body and all members of staff to continue to nurture and educate all our children so that they strive to be the best they can when they leave as confident individuals.

  • Mrs Corby Kemp

    Vice Chair

    Hello there, I have been a Governor since 2012 in various guises and chairing various committees; I am now Vice Chair of the Full Governing Body (FGB). In my past lives I have been a Civil servant, a bank cashier, had various roles in finance based institutions (including a Building Society) and a lot of experience in line management and business administration. My own children are long grown but I have seven grandchildren all in various stages of the education system (including a precious autistic grandson). Therefore I have an insight into the parental views of education and am happy to bring that parental ‘voice’ to the table. I originally became a Governor as I felt a strong urge to ‘give something back to the community’ as they say and my skill set seemed an appropriate fit. However, since joining the Governors, I have become more and more involved in the business of administering a very large junior school with all its’ issues and successes and it no longer feels like a ‘duty’. The Government of the day often throws out unexpected challenges and we have to be able to accommodate this within our own planning. The Chair of the FGB works very closely with the Head and our role as ‘critical friend’ is not too onerous. With an extremely driven Head, Mrs Ward, Clarendon has taken the lead within our cluster schools and has led the way in many subjects, particularly Maths. I would recommend anyone who has an interest in the future of OUR children, in OUR specialised community to consider becoming part of the Full Governing Body.

  • Mr Emmanuel Agblekey

    Foundation Partnership Governor

    I am Emmanuel Anane Kofi Agblekey originally from Ghana. I have lived in Tidworth with my wife and two children since March 2011. I am an Elder in Christian Family Ministries In Tidworth (CFM). CFM is a charismatic church serving members with their religious needs within the community.
    I am a soldier and Logistics Specialist by Trade. I am currently serving with 32Regt RA in Larkhill.
    I joined the Governing team in September 2015 for the following reasons:
    The children’s best interest, getting my input in decision making, understanding the children’s education, supporting the school staff, Personal Development, Professional experiences that come with the team.
    As a Parent and leader in CFM, most of my members’ children attend the school and I deem it a great honour to give my support to the school and also represent the children. I believe being a commonwealth soldier I will bring in diversity and inclusion to support the team in achieving the strategic goal of the school.
    Also, I want to learn from the team of professionals which will help me to understand my children’s education and help my church members to support their children and the school as whole. Working with a team of professionals will enhance my personal development and my professional skills that come with the team.